School of Shadows Born
7/30/2013 12:00:01 AM by: C.W. Schutter

Mike Love of the Beach Boys first told me about astral projection. Mike claimed he could travel in the spirit. Despite my own supernatural experiences, I didn't believe him and promptly forgot about it.

Years later, I met a strange woman in Anaheim, California at a convention who told me she used to live in my hometown. It turned out we had mutual acquaintances.

A few nights after I returned home, I woke up with a start around 3 AM. Someone was in my bedroom.

The Anaheim woman stood at the foot of my bed. Now, I've seen ghosts before. When I saw the movie, "The Sixth Sense," I was stunned because like the little boy, I often saw or felt the presence of people who died violent deaths in houses where a murder or a suicide once occurred—even if no one told me about it. This apparition was different. For one thing, this woman was alive. Dead spirits look different, they are white and you can see through them. I remembered my conversation with Mike Love. This woman had invaded my privacy by projecting herself into my bedroom. Though terribly shaken, I had learned years ago how to banish unwanted spirits after being pestered with spirits since I was five-years-old.

I got rid of her and commanded her spirit never to return.

After so many supernatural experiences, it's only natural for me to write paranormal novels. While deciding what to write about first, I began wondering if some imaginary playmates could possibly be real children who somehow learned to travel in the spirit? What if two playmates, one who possessed this unusual ability, met in the flesh years later and fell in love? Worst, what if one of them was forced to fatally betray the other?

School of Shadows was officially born.

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