Miracles Happen - A Prayer Guide for Desperate Peo
By C.W. Schutter

New Version! Miracles Happen was written for desperate people. If you are in the valley of last resorts, this book is for you. It is a book of hope, healing and faith. If you are struggling through perilous times, you will find comfort, strength, and the certainty of victory through the peace and love of Jesus Christ who is ultimately at the center of every miracle. Those who read it with an open heart and an open mind will receive the power and majesty of God within themselves through faith and prayer. Revised and improved.

Miracles Happen - Prayer Group
By C.W. Schutter

Desperate for a miracle? Want prayers with power? Miracles Happen through effective prayers of agreement. From pre-cancerous tumors, debilitating migraines, chronic back pain and sciatica, to falling victim to fraud, and numerous legal problems prompting her lawyer to ask the author if she thought she was Job, Carole learned to petition for miracles through prayer groups and prayer partners. Learn what she learned the hard way. Learn to pray with power!

Miracles Happen II - Faith Journal
By C. W. Schutter

Coping with stress? Going through tough times? Dealing with impossible situations you have no control over? This encouraging journal of real miracles and the struggles is written by someone who went through brutal hard times. Miracles do happen when you trust in God and encourage yourself in the Lord. A journal of one woman's faith and the path to forgiveness and joy no matter what it takes.

Unlikely Healer
By C. W. Schutter

Miracles happen when a homeless young woman is healed from drug addiction and becomes a healing evangelist. Mandy Storey, an ordinary farm girl from Colorado, had an extraordinary experience at a tent revival as a child where she is told she is anointed. But the next day, her mother disappears, leaving her with an alcoholic father and her pastor grandfather. After graduating from high school, she escapes to California where she soon falls into the hippie drug culture of the seventies, falls in love, and moves in with a drug dealer who ends up in prison. But although Mandy wants nothing to do with God, he's not finished with her or her drug dealer boyfriend.

The extraordinary love story of a fallen woman and a drug dealer convict chased down by God.

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September Dawn
By C. W. Schutter

The daughter of a Christian pastor and the son of a Mormon Bishop fall in love amidst an atmosphere of fear and hatred. It was a love so wonderful, it refused to die. A story so amazing, it struggled to be told. An act so atrocious, it was shrouded in secrecy.

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